Acceptable Proofs of Identification for Obtaining Vital Records


The Vital Records office reserves the right to accept or reject any documents presented to obtain a vital record.

PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION: Documentation issued by a Federal, State or Local Political Subdivision, Corporation, or other entity, that contains a photograph of the applicant and facts identifying the applicant or other documentary evidence establishing identity.Examples below include, but are not limited to.

State issued ID Tribal Card State issued Learner's permit Federal/State/Local Government ID
State issued Driver's License Visa Pilot license VA Card
Concealed Carry Permit Permanent Resident Card Passport card/Attorney bar card
CDL Work Permit Inmate card Prison ID (valid for 6 months after release)
Interlock Consular ID Military ID - Active, Retired, or Civilian Contractor

A total of two or more of the following documents can be used in lieu of Government issued ID’s.

You must provide at least one document from list A and one document for list B. Expired documents will not be accepted. The department will keep a copy of the application and all alternative documents received.

List A
Professional regulated certifications (ex. liquor, medical, and cosmetology license) Health Insurance/Medicaid/Medicare card
School record/transcript/report card - current school year I-9: W-4 (completed from employee's file)
University/College/School ID - current school year Car insurance/registration - current
Voter's Registration Tribal enrollment documentation
List B
Documents in this list must have been issued within the last 30 days, and contain applicant’s name and current address unless otherwise noted.
Utility bill Bank statement
Signed release papers from jail/prison W-2 - previous year
Paycheck stub Traffic ticket - original document with signature
DMV Letter of application Letter from parole or probation officer